The DOTC – ARMM is the primary policy, planning, programming, coordinating, implementing, regulating and administrative entity of the Executive Department of the Autonomous Regional Government in the promotion, development and regulation of dependable and coordinated networks of transportation and communication system as well as in the fast, safe, efficient and reliable related services under the expanded Autonomous Region.


The DOTC-ARMM is a vehicle towards peace and development.


  • Viable
  • Efficient
  • Humane
  • Informative
  • Committed
  • Leading
  • Enduring


We, DOTC-ARMM continuously deliver our services to the satisfaction of our clients; We ensure the safety and security of the riding public; We make possible the channel for reliable and timely information; and We will always be transparent and accountable to the positions we hold and to the people we serve.


We, at DOTC-ARMM, commit:

Our enthusiasm and readiness to perform our duties and obligations as public servants;

Our dedication to the mandate, vision and mission of our agency;

Our willingness to serve our clients with respect and high esteem All for the opportunity of being able to contribute to the formation of a better and peaceful society and in the service of the Almighty.


Should the there be any failure on the part of DOTC-ARMM to meet the requirements of the Citizen’s Charter, the agency shall issue an official apology at the minimum. Other types of redress shall be considered based on the gravity and impact of the failure to comply with the conditions of the charter.

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